Pollstar, a concert trade publication, has announced that the Rolling Stones had the highest earning tour of the year. The Stones’ A Bigger Bang brought in $138.5 million for the year, averaging $136.63 per ticket. Barbra Steisand’s made the No.2 spot, raking in $92.5 million, with an extravagant $298.36 price tag per ticket. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul II tour was the third most lucrative, making $88.8 million, with an average ticket price of$80.92. Madonna was the next most profitable, grossing $82.9 million with an average of a $183.76 ticket price. Country star Kenny Chesney sold the most tickets of any artists, but only brought in about $66 million because of the average price. All North America increased their sales by 16 percent from last year. Over $3.6 billion was shelled out for concerts.