Eminem has started a new project - his first double album, to be released in late 2005. The double disc will be entitled The Funeral and will feature tracks from all of Eminem's aliases including Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers. The Funeral will include 4 new songs titled The Funeral - featuring Bizarre, The Funeral - featuring Dr. Dre, The Funeral - featuring Obie Trice and a brand new Dr Dre produced track Where I’m Standing (In the Game). Em's intention is to put to rest all of his personas to make way for a new Eminem. The album will be divided into three sections, each divided by one The Funeral track. Bizarre will rap about the Slim Shady persona, Dr. Dre will rap about the Marshall Mathers persona, and Obie Trice will rap about the Eminem persona. The last track of the album will be Where I’m Standing with a new reborn Eminem rapping over the beat. Eminem is currently headlining the Anger Management 3 Tour along with 50 Cent, D-12, G-Unit, Obie Trice, and Lil John.